Kitty Berton and Susanne Mason-Cox will be holding a collaborative exhibition from Tuesday 20th March till Saturday 24th March at Novae Gallery, 1098 Botany Road, Botany, NSW 2019.  The gallery is open 10.00am to 4.00pm.  Opening night  Tuesday 20th March 6.00pm to 9.00pm.  Come along and meet these two vibrant innovative artists and their work.

Kitty Berton - Thin Line Collection

I moved to Australia 13 years ago from Chicago and ever since then the natural beauty, colours and experiences of this country have inspired me to pick up my paint brush and lay down my interpretation of these details.

My style is abstract but contains representations of landscapes, sunsets, beaches, ocean and the Australian outback. I’ve been told I’m an emotional painter - which is true -  but once the painting is completed it takes on a life, beauty and story of its own and is open to any kind of personal interpretation from the viewer. I also like to keep a mindful approach to my painting – that the creative process is as important as the finished work.

I love to paint with acrylics and overlay it with charcoal, oil pastels and sometimes some textured medium like glass beads or sand. Usually painting on canvas, I have also been known to experiment with natural objects like palm fronds, sticks and bark.

​To get the creative juices flowing I like to connect with people and be encouraged by their stories and energy. Sometimes images just pop into my head and it’s a mission for me to get them onto the canvas before the next one comes.

So, have a look and enjoy….

Susanne Mason-Cox - Awareness Collection

Susanne Mason-Cox was born on a cold day in November 1964, in Ängelholm Sweden. She grew up as an only child and was passionate about learning how to draw. She made so many paintings for her parents and they kept them all in a bag, in a closet, in the hallway. 

Until one day, she noticed that all the paintings were gone. Her mum had thrown them out as ‘there were too many’. Susanne stopped painting that day. 

Growing up she started to work as an art director assistant and graphic designer at numerous advertising agencies in Sweden. Being creative, but for others...

Making a logotype for a travel agency, led to a trip to Sydney in 1998. There she met her husband to be, at a pub in the Rocks. A musician named David. One year later they got married, and still are.

The last 10 years she’s been working as a Graphic Designer for a fine wine distributor, Fesq & Co. Yes, she enjoys a fine wine.

Now at age 53 she felt it was about time to be creative for herself and to let that little passionate artist out. 

Style: Surrealism using mixed media, mainly acrylics and nail polish.

Follow her journey on Instagram: smcgraphics